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Google Business Profile is a powerful tool for small businesses. If you’re a local business owner, you can boost your online presence by taking advantage of this free tool. Google Business Profile connects you directly with your ideal customers or clients in search results, skyrocketing your leads when leveraged correctly. 

Now that you’ve claimed your Google Business Profile listing and verified it, it’s important to fully optimize your profile. This means you’ll need to add some photos. Follow this guide for the perfect Google Business Profile cover photo size, plus tips to make your business page stand out. 

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Google Business Profile Cover Photo Tips 

Your cover photo sits at the top of your GMB listing. Your cover photo won’t always be the first image for your listing, however, it’s still important to upload photos for optimization. Your cover photo should help customers recognize your business.

Upload GMB Photos Often to Attract Customers

Google Business Profile Cover Photo Size Guidelines

Make sure you follow these GMB cover photo size guidelines.

  • Recommended size: 1080 x 608 pixels
  • Minimum size: 480 x 270 pixels
  • Maximum size: 2120 x 1192

Photo File Requirements for GMB Cover Photos

Your photo file should be saved as a JPG or PNG. Here are some other requirements to keep in mind. 

  • File size: Between 10KB and 5MB
  • Minimum resolution: 720 pixels tall, 720 pixels wide 

How to Make Your Cover Photo Stand Out

Business cover photos should represent your company to give customers a great first impression. 

  • Make sure your photo is a high quality image.
  • Your photo should be well lit.
  • Your photo should feature your business in focus.
  • Do not alter your photo beyond minor touch ups (color correction, adjusting lighting, etc.). Avoid filters.

How To Upload a GMB Cover Photo

Not sure how to upload a Google Business Profile cover photo? Don’t worry – it only takes a few steps.

  • If you haven’t already, claim your Google Business Profile listing.
  • Log in to your GMB account. If you have multiple locations, select the one you want to upload photos to.
  • In the left hand column, head to the Photo tab.
  • It will ask what type of photo you’d like to add. Select “Cover” and follow the instructions on screen to upload your picture.
GMB upload photo

Other Photos You Need for Your GMB Listing

Once your cover photo has been uploaded, you’ll want to fluff up your profile with some additional Google my Business photos, too. This is a crucial step in Google Business Profile optimization for local searches. It’s even part of our free GMB Optimization checklist!

The more complete your profile is, the more Google will trust your business. Google values up-to-date information, so adding other Google Business Profile profile photos will help you have a more robust, optimized profile. Make sure to use high-quality photos that represent reality.

This is a win-win. Your customers will have a more positive experience with your local business and you’ll increase your chances of ranking at the top of the Google map pack. 

Business Logo

You’ll also need to add a logo to your GMB listing. To add this, you’ll follow the same steps you did to add your cover photo, but select “Logo” instead of “Cover.”

GMB cover photo and logo

Logo Size Guidelines

Your business profile photo size should meet these guidelines: 

  • Recommended size: 250 x 250 px
  • Minimum size: 120 x 120 px
  • Maximum size: 5200 x 5200 px

Logo Requirements

Your logo should meet the following requirements:

  • File size: between 10KB and 5MB
  • JPG or PNG format 
  • Minimum resolution: 250 px tall, 250 px wide 

Logo Tips 

  • Your logo should be square. This way, nothing gets cropped.
  • Use the same logo that you use on your website, social media profiles, and in real life. 
  • Your logo should accurately reflect your business without significant alterations.

Show Customers What Your Business Offers

You should also include photos that show off your products or services. You can add products and services to your GMB listing, so having an accompanying photo is a great way to make your page stand out from the competition for people searching online. 

For example: if you’re a plumber, you can share behind-the-scenes photos of your work when highlighting your services. Restaurants can share seating arrangements and photos of their menu items. A law firm can highlight the outside of the office, the lobby, and professional quality headshots, or a team photo. 

Photos for GMB Posts 

You can also share photos in Google Business Profile Posts. Posts on your Google Business Profile account function similarly to Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. These also help your local SEO.

Your customers will look to your GMB Posts, company info, and Google Reviews to learn more about your local business. 

GMB Posts

Post Image Size Guidelines 

Google business image size guidelines for posts are:

  • Resolution: 720 px tall and 720 px wide
  • File size: Between 10KB and 5MB

GMB Post Image Requirements

Your GMB images should be JPGs or PNGs. Similarly to cover photos, all of your pictures should be high-quality, in focus, and as close to reality as possible. This means avoiding filters or alterations. Everything should fall within Google’s content policy.

Photo Tips for GMB Posts

Ready to take your GMB photos to the next level? Here are some tips to follow. 

  • Geotagging your posts can aid in search engine optimization. To geotag a photo or video, add it to Google Photos. From there, you can set the location of your selected media. When you redownload the picture or video, the geotag will be saved alongside it. When you upload this to GMB, it tags your location, too, making it easier for Google to share your business info with customers in your area. 
  • Make sure your photos are high-quality and original. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer. Would you trust a business that only uploaded stock or low quality photos? Probably not! Even if you are just using your cell phone to take pictures, make sure everything is high-resolution and in focus. This is a good rule of thumb for any social media post, too. 
  • If you don’t have a photo to accompany a post you want to share, you can create graphics with Google’s Marketing Kit or use a tool like Canva where you can add your branding (both are free!). 
Google marketing kit

Can I Use Videos?

Yes, you can use videos! Videos should be at least 30 seconds long, 720p or higher, and up to 75 MB. 

Still Need Help?

If all of this seems overwhelming or too time-consuming, we’re here to help! At Orbit Local, our team of digital marketing experts can optimize your GMB listing for you

We’ll prime your Google Business Profile profile for more leads and online visitors. Our experts handle everything from geotagging photos, sharing posts, monitoring online reviews, rank tracking, and more. 

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