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We are a local digital marketing agency with lead generation websites and services designed to skyrocket your sales and generate new leads. 🚀

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We’re Not Your Traditional Digital Marketing Company

May we pour you something to drink? Maybe crack open a fresh bag of freeze-dried ice cream?

Listen, digital marketing is hard; we get it.

Unlike local digital marketing agencies, we know no one-space-suit-fits-all solutions for building an online reputation.

At Orbit Local, we are fueled by passion, grounded in strategy, and have proven expertise in search engine optimization, local digital marketing services, web design and development, and content creation.

Our mission is to launch your business into orbit and ignite your lead generation strategy to new heights.


Web Design and Development

Our Jacksonville marketing services launch your business into the stratosphere, increasing leads, sales, and overall visibility. We provide local digital marketing strategies that are proven to propel your business to stellar growth.

We employ a strategic, data-driven approach to design that zeroes in on your customers’ specific needs. The websites we craft not only look stellar but also perform beyond the stratosphere of your expectations.

Custom Web Design and Development

Launch A Full-Scale
Lead Generation Campaign

Our SEO experts are here to help. Our SEO services have a proven reputation for increasing search traffic and boosting brand awareness, resulting in more leads. Stop hiding behind the clouds; our local digital marketing experts will help you stand out.

Industries We Serve

Whether you’re a small business or a franchise, Orbit Local is here to assist with your web development mission. We are equipped with light-years of experience across a galaxy of industries, including:

Industries We Serve
Dentist Digital Marketing

Dentist Local Marketing

Chiropractic Digital Marketing

Chiropractic Local Marketing

Veterinary Digital Marketing

Veterinary Local Marketing

Pest Control Digital Marketing

Pest Control Local Marketing

Roofer Digital Marketing

Roofer Local Marketing

Solar Power Digital Marketing

Solar Power Local Marketing

Painters Digital Marketing

Painters Local Marketing

Windows & Doors Digital Marketing

Windows & Doors Local Marketing

Remodeling Digital Marketing

Remodeling Local Marketing

Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation

At Orbit Local, we are dedicated to generating leads that forge long-lasting connections with your customers. Our custom strategy is designed to ensure stellar conversions.

From the minute a prospective client lands on your site to the first generated lead, our experts prioritize our testing based on what makes the most significant impact on new clients.

Whether you’re flying solo or are a part of a large franchise, we are here to help you boost your conversion rate and get your phone ringing off the hook.

Paid Digital Advertising Services

Paid Digital Advertising

It’s all about calls, not clicks.
At Orbit Local, we will improve your ad performance to deliver consistent traffic optimizing your profit.

If you want to generate more leads, you need to orbit where your prospective clients do. With exclusive PPC ad formats, you can reach your target audience across various social media galaxies. Our pay-per-click management services offer a full suite of paid advertising options that will launch instant traffic to your site.

A Look Inside Our
Digital Marketing Agency

Our SEO experts are here to help. Our local SEO services have a proven reputation for increasing search traffic and boosting brand awareness, resulting in more leads.



Other digital marketing agencies don’t listen. At Orbit Local, we do. With our supersonic hearing, we will learn what makes you unique and distinguish your businesses and growth goals.



Our team will assess your website and look for areas needing fine-tuning before you get ready for lift-off.



Using cutting-edge technology, our team will create a website that converts just as well as it looks. By the end of the mission, you’ll have a Jacksonville website design that users will love to experience.



Our marketing experts will increase your web traffic by promoting your site on various social media platforms. Our digital marketing agency will generate new leads and skyrocket your call volume with eager customers.



Our digital marketing agency experts will ensure your mission is executed flawlessly. We will gather and evaluate real-time data so that you can see the results in a new and better light.


There’s a reason our clients prefer us over other digital marketing agencies. We value your input and foster collaboration.

Let’s Launch Your Mission into Orbit

Orbit Local Reviews

Customers really love Orbit Local! Explore our stellar reviews to see for yourself why our service shines bright amongst the stars.

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