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You realize your clients need SEO, but you don’t have it down to a science. Maybe you even tanked a few sites… We can fix it and make you look like a hero. 🚀

White Label SEO

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Increase Your Billable Rates Without Doing The Work

If you want to expand your agency’s offerings or bolster your client support without adding in-house employees to the payroll, Orbit Local’s white label SEO service is the answer. We make it easy for you to resell SEO services – all thanks to our transparent process with reports ready for your logo.

With white label services, you have the option to sell SEO service bundles to your clients and let us do the work for you. We’ll get the results your clients expect while you focus on other areas of your business. 

You’ll be able to scale your business and increase your recurring revenue. You set the margin and control your profit.

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SEO Icon White Label SEO Reports

White Label SEO Reports

Every month, we’ll send reports detailing what we’ve done and the results we’ve produced. These reports are ready for your branding to send to your clients. We can also create custom Google Studios dashboards and automated PDFs.

SEO Icon Client Facing Presentations

Client Facing Presentations

We build out presentations for you to share with your clients because we know how important client education is. These answer common client questions about what you did and how those actions help, saving you time and frustration.

SEO Icon Detailed Data Sheets

Detailed Data Sheets

Data is at the center of comprehensive SEO. We share that data with your clients so they can see what we see. We want to empower them to understand the why behind everything we do.

SEO Icon Dedicated Account Management

Dedicated Account Management

As soon as you become a white label partner, you’ll be assigned to a dedicated account manager. Your account manager learns your agency and clients inside and out to provide the best possible results.

SEO Icon Client Ready Email Deliverables

Client Ready Email Deliverables

Our client-ready email deliverables feature your company’s branding. All you have to do is email the files to your clients. Our work is done behind the scenes and we remain anonymous throughout

SEO Icon Less Work. Real Results

Get Real Results with Less Work

Using our best white label SEO services, you’ll get more done for your clients without creating additional work for your company. You’ll get results your clients expect without doing any heavy lifting. And that’s okay with us

Good SEO Starts With Strategy & Technical SEO

You can build solid websites for your clients, but without proper search engine optimization, they won’t generate the expected returns. To keep your clients happy, bundle SEO services with your website projects. Even if you don’t know SEO best practices, your clients don’t have to know. We can do it for you.

And because no two businesses are the same, our Jacksonville SEO team lets you resell quality SEO services at various levels for your customers to choose from.

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Why Technical SEO Matters

Technical SEO refers to the process of enhancing a website’s code structure, content, and design to make it easier for the search engines to find, crawl, and index a website’s pages. Successful technical SEO provides an optimized user experience for visitors while they visit websites. 

Optimizing the technical side of SEO improves ranking and visibility within the search results. It helps to drive more organic traffic and can push a site above any competition that chooses to ignore it.

No amount of SEO and content marketing will work if you have a noindex tag on your site. That’s why technical SEO is so important.

What technical SEO includes

  • Crawl budget maximization – Google bots only have so much time and space to spend on your site. This ensures they don’t miss the important stuff.
  • Status code optimization 
  • Schema markup implementation
  • Internal link optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Content auditing
  • Pruning your site to block crawlers from pages you don’t need in the search engines, like a login page.
  • Functional, complete sitemaps
  • Page load speed optimization
  • Web accessibility – navigation, metadata, captions
  • Troubleshooting Google Search Console indexation issues
SEO Icon Website Quality Audit

Website Quality Audit

After you purchase reseller SEO from us, we get to work right away. Our website quality audit (WQA) forms the basis of all our SEO projects. This gives us a clearer picture of your client’s current website.

SEO Icon Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

We look at content, keywords, links, and other aspects of your client’s competition. This helps us understand what we need to do to beat their efforts and surpass their rankings in the search engines

SEO Icon Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

Every WQA we do results in some pages being tagged for improvement. We don’t do keyword research for every page on the website because it’s a waste of resources. Why do research for a Contact Us page,

SEO Icon Technical SEO

Technical SEO

The technical side of SEO influences rankings more than many realize. Our audit reveals areas of improvement for fast results. We look at all the pages Google should be indexing, metadata, schema, and issues affecting site health.

SEO Icon E A T Analysis

E-E-A-T Analysis

Google uses E-E-A-T to judge your website’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Several factors are involved with this process. We use the Google Quality Raters’ Guidelines to closely examine E-A-T signals.

SEO Icon Client Consulting

Client Consulting

When your client has questions, we’ll make ourselves available to answer questions for you. We use an email address at your domain, so no one ever knows you’re using SEO outsourcing.

On-Page SEO for Better Ranking, Faster

Perfectly optimized content ranks better. We rely on data analysis to ensure your content is on par with the top-ranking pages. Our SEO efforts always begin with on-page work. From re-writing page titles and meta descriptions to adding important keywords and phrases to the content itself, our white label SEO service leaves nothing to chance.

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On-Page vs. Off-Page SEO

When it comes to ranking specific pages, SEO optimization is really two things: on-page and off-page. On-page optimization focuses on the aspects of a website that are within your control, such as technical SEO, content, and metadata. Off-page SEO looks at things you can’t directly control, but do influence, such as how popular and authoritative your website is.

Off-page optimization includes things like link building, and otherwise increasing domain authority through content marketing. Our link building services can help with off-page optimization efforts.

In simpler terms, on-page optimization plays a major role in what you rank for. Off-page factors play a major role in how high you rank for those terms.

What’s important to remember is that you should not (and cannot) choose between the two. Ultimately, the two work together to make your clients’ websites as successful as possible. You wouldn’t choose between tires or a windshield for your car, or a roof or a foundation for your home, would you?

In the end, for website success, you must strike a balance between the two. You want a website that makes the search engines happy, of course. But, to make them happy, you must first focus on prospects and build a website they can use with content they can understand.

SEO Icon MetaData Blast

Metadata Blast

On the pages we find updates to be necessary, we update the metadata for a quick boost to rankings. You can increase organic traffic just by making adjustments to the title and meta description.

SEO Icon Alt Image Text

Alt Text Optimization

Image descriptions are part of web accessibility. It helps screen readers describe what’s on the screen. Plus, it helps Google better understand image content so clients can rank in Google Images, too.

SEO Icon Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Linking to other pages on your website makes it easy for people to navigate around to information on a website. It also helps Google establish connections within the content. We’ll also edit links to pages that redirect or are broken.

SEO Icon Content Optimization

Content Optimization

Whether you have your own team of writers or have us create content for you, you can rest easy knowing it’s optimized for SEO. We’ll audit existing content to make improvements where necessary, too.

SEO Icon Target Page Boost

Target Page Boost

We pay special attention to clients’ top priority keywords. Focusing specifically on those that are flat, failing, or not ranking, we do on-page optimization to adjust metadata and content to improve results.

SEO Icon Correlational SEO

Correlational SEO

There’s more to SEO than keyword search volume and content optimization. We use industry tools like CORA and PageOptimizer Pro to look at additional factors to develop a plan of action for each piece of content.

Content Marketing for More Brand Awareness

Orbit Local’s SEO reseller services also include content marketing, because content itself plays such an important role in online marketing. Any good SEO strategy also includes content creation and promotion.

Content marketing is about providing your clients with content that’s useful to their audience. It’s not about pitching products or services. It’s about establishing your client’s brand as the authority and fostering trust with readers.

If you work with us to build an SEO campaign for your client, we’ll include recommendations for content marketing. We’ll send briefs for your writers, or have our team create the content for you.

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Why Content Marketing Matters

Quality content has a high return on investment and will continue to work for you for years to come. A 2019 survey found that 70% of companies generated more sales through SEO than they did through PPC. And we’re seeing that more businesses are increasing their content marketing budgets to be able to compete.

It’s important for brands to keep their messaging consistent across all touchpoints. Today, customers have more touchpoints on their buying journey than ever before. Keeping that messaging consistent is more difficult as a result. Content marketing helps to ensure consistency, which supports credibility and helps to build trust.

Original content helps to improve conversion. Developing a content strategy ensures the content creation efforts align with your client’s overall goals, too.

And for many companies, the primary reason to invest in content marketing is the cost savings on the overall marketing strategy.

It’s the most cost-effective marketing strategy on the market today – even though the initial costs are a bit steep at first glance. You can expect to spend anywhere from $150 to $3,000 for a freelance writer, depending on the niche, experience level, and type of content.

The sticker shock may get you, but when compared to video marketing, traditional marketing, and paid advertising, it remains the financially solid approach.

SEO Icon Keyword Research

Keyword Research

We use industry-leading keyword research tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs to find, test, and validate the primary keyword for each new page. We also include secondary keywords to support primary keywords.

SEO Icon Content Silo Buildout

Content Silo Buildout

When you purchase one of our SEO packages for your clients, we’ll look at the existing content on the website. We’ll build content silos, or groups of related content, to support your clients’ keyword-based themes and topics.

SEO Icon Content Management

Content Management

We’ll manage every part of the content production process for you. We’ll create content briefs to send to your writers so you can be sure they write content readers and the search engines will love.

SEO Icon Premium Asset Creation

Premium Asset Creation

Blog posts and articles are great, but any solid SEO strategy also includes premium assets like industry reports, expert interviews, and more. This kind of content attracts journalists and bloggers to build greater brand awareness for your clients.

SEO Icon SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting

If you don’t have writers to produce content, our talented team of copywriters can take care of content creation for you. They’ll produce copy that impresses clients and ranks in search engines.

SEO Icon Link Building

Link Building

You need to get your client’s website mentioned in quality publications and websites that move the needle. At Orbit Local, we know that quality is way more important than quantity. Our link-building services focus on links that make a difference.

Local SEO That Skyrockets Lead Gen

Our in-house SEO team specializes in local SEO. As a digital marketing agency, we understand that leads are the lifeblood of many businesses. Where SEO strategy focuses on improving your overall rankings in Google, local SEO focuses on getting your clients more visible in the relevant local search results.

And even though we’re based in Jacksonville, our SEO specialists can help any business that serves a certain geographic area – whether you’re local to us or not.

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GMB Graphic Icons 02

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google Business Profile (GMB) is a crucial part of generating leads for any local business. We’ll optimize your clients’ listings to make it easier for Google to rank them within the search results.

Local Rank Tracking Icon

Local Rank Tracking

An SEO specialist will always be able to tell where your clients’ websites are ranking for any particular keyword. Our keyword tracking ensures that we know what’s working and what’s not.

GMB Graphic Icons 03

Local Listings Management

Our team regularly checks your clients’ local business listings for accuracy. We’ll remove duplicate listings, and create new ones where necessary so you get real results for your clients.

Custom White Label SEO Packages

We understand that every agency is different. We can combine any of the deliverables above to meet your white label SEO needs. We work with several digital marketing agencies in various capacities. Our SEO reseller packages can include anything and everything.

If your agency is experienced with link building, you can skip that part and let us handle creating the content. If you have content handled, we can supply the strategy, keyword research, and technical guidance.

As your white label SEO provider, we’re happy to work with you in the way that makes the most sense for you.

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Why Hire Us

Orbit Local is an SEO agency, working with some of the best SEO professionals in the industry. We work with clients across diverse industries and niches – dentistslawyers, plumbers, and more. 

No matter where your agency fits into the industry as a whole, a white label SEO partnership with Orbit Local will be mutually beneficial.

You can focus on your business growth with peace of mind. With us as your digital marketing services partner, you can build your brand’s credibility and authority. As a white label provider, we are happy to stay behind the scenes and help you grow your brand.

SEO Icon Subject Matter Experts 1

Subject Matter Experts

We’ve put together a winning in-house team of experts who specialize in each piece of the SEO process. As subject matter experts, we’re not just taking a guess at what needs to be done.

SEO Icon Full Transparency 1

Full Transparency

Other white label SEO companies may hide what they’re doing, so you can’t tell what they’ve been working on for you. We provide full transparency into our processes and actions so you always have the answers you need.

SEO Icon Everybody Eats 1

Everybody Eats

At Orbit Local, we believe in giving back to the community. We work with many local organizations to provide assistance with SEO campaigns to help them grow. We support 3 Grains of Rice, JT Townsend Foundation, and Champions of Hope.

SEO Icon Agency Clients Us Charities Data Driven 1


As a white label SEO company, we want to make it easy for you to show your clients why you’ve taken the action you did. We use multiple SEO software tools to compile the data we work from.

SEO Icon In House Trained Team 1

In-House Trained Team

Everything we do is in-house. We won’t white-label your white label for an endless loop of people doing other people’s work. We’re doing the work hands-on, so you know exactly what you and your clients are getting.

SEO Icon Process Driven 1

Process Driven

At Orbit Local, we don’t just wing it and watch what happens. We approach everything with a plan. Your clients will benefit… and your agency will get all the credit.


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