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There is plenty of competition within dentistry. So, running great dental ads can make a massive difference when connecting with potential patients. But how can you ensure that you are using effective ads that will convince your target audience? In this article, we’ll explore 27 effective dental advertising samples and show you some of the best dental ads that you can copy and start using for your next ad campaign.

Dental Marketing Ideas

Before we study some specific dental ads, let’s look at some of the general approaches you can use. The following tactics have been proven to be effective in any kind of marketing campaign. As such, there is no reason you shouldn’t consider these methods for your next ad.

Click to Call Ads 

Click-to-call ads are a type of online ad that puts your prospects in direct contact with your business. What better way to encourage mobile users to give your office a call than to make it as simple as one click? Explore click-to-call ads on both Google Ads and Facebook, depending on your target audience and overall campaign goals.

click to call dental ads for local business marketing

These types of ads typically only appear on mobile devices. With one single click of a button, the device will automatically ring your office. Through one simple action, a conversation begins between you and your next patient. 

Local Awareness Facebook Ads

A local awareness campaign using Facebook ads is a way for you to reach potential patients that are already in your area. This type of ad allows you to be more specific in determining your target audience. Rather than create a newspaper ad that goes out to a somewhat random population, with local awareness ads, you can use Facebook to show ads only to those near enough to actually use your services. 

local awareness dentistry ad

Be sure to update your location information, hours of operation, and a call button so that when potential customers see your ads, they can easily get in touch to schedule an appointment.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are another effective form of online advertising. These ads reach people who have already visited your website but have not purchased anything from your business. This activity shows that they may be interested but not fully convinced. A retargeting ad will remind them of their interest by showing up on the other web pages they browse.

retargeting ads 2

Retargeting ads are an excellent place to extend a special offer to ‘catch’ clients that may otherwise slip by. Try a coupon, a two-for-one service deal, or a limited-time offer to get clients to make an appointment.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are a way to boost the success of any online advertising campaign. Many of your potential clients are spending hours every day on social media sites. And though dentistry may not be a major influencer category, an online presence can help ingratiate your business with potential clients. Use these social media post ideas and learn how to meaningfully engage with your audience.

Instagram Ads example

 Why not be there too? Share relatable content, but you can also show the human side of your practice with behind-the-scenes images, before and after sessions with clients, and more. In short, opportunities are endless with the right social media branding strategy.

Video Ads

Video marketing is here to stay. According to WordStream, the video gets 1200% more social shares and likes than the image and text combined. This only means one thing: Consumers love video. Next time when you think of sticking to another round of dental postcards, perhaps try video marketing instead for a change. 

10 key facts about video marketing

Referral Marketing 

While there are currently many advertising strategies that focus on building an online presence, few methods are more effective than word-of-mouth. Recommendations from friends and family give you more credibility than anything else. 

referral marketing 1

Obtaining referrals could be as simple as offering your existing patients a discount on services for bringing their friends or family in for a checkup. Consider a special offer or coupon for services that encourage your clients to share their thoughts with others.

Direct Mail Ads

Direct mail ads are exactly what they sound like. While this approach is on the more traditional side, it is still useful. With direct mail, you can target specific people while relying on nothing more than the postal service. With this method, you can reach people in their homes with detailed physical marketing materials. 

Online Reviews

Online reviews are like an online version of word-of-mouth advertising. Many consumers trust words from customers before them. Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews are a few of the many online directories for local businesses you can take advantage of. Be sure to encourage your happiest patients to leave you an online review after a visit.  If you haven’t already, make sure your practice is listed on Google Business Profile (GMB) to make it easier for patients to leave Google reviews.

Dental Advertising Samples

You now know some of the broader categories of advertisement. Now, we can proceed to some specific examples of dental ads that work. Hopefully, seeing these ads in action will inspire you to generate a creative idea for your next dental ad.

Showcase Before & After: Remind Them Change is Possible (And Beautiful)

In dentistry, there are few ads more effective than a simple before and after. Many potential dental clients have hopeless feelings regarding the state of their teeth. But with a persuasive ad, you can convince them that your team can turn even the most neglected teeth into a beautiful smile. 

Malo Clinic Postcard

One of the most reliable approaches in dental advertising is to use a compelling series of before and after photos. A striking example of a real-life before-and-after case study may be just the thing your prospective patients need to see. For anyone who struggles with missing or crooked teeth, or an otherwise embarrassing smile, seeing your past patients’ results can be reassuring.

malo clinic 1

By showing some of the work you have done in the past, potential patients will have a greater level of confidence that you are the right dentist for their teeth. Make a habit of taking before and after photos for your clients, if you don’t already. Choosing a photo series that displays drastic patient results shows how transformative your dentistry can be in their lives.

ABC Dentistry Facebook Ad

When it comes to upselling cosmetic services, showcasing results is a surefire way to get your audience’s attention. Even better, combining proof of results with an offer for a free service (even if it’s an add-on to a paid procedure) offers extra motivation for patients to sign up.

ABC dentistry 1

Sure, dental health is important, but a lot of the motivation behind visiting a dentist relates to cosmetics. Part of this motivation is born from the desire for bright white teeth. Why not play to those desires in your ads campaigns?

Today’s Dentistry Ad Example

Some smiles take more than six months to improve, but a catchy slogan that sums up your top service is another smart way to draw in new patients. Whether it’s whitening in a matter of weeks or straight teeth in a set number of days, pair this message with a before-after snapshot, and the ad will sell itself.

Todays dentisty

Photographic proof of positive dental results is always a great marketing strategy. But pairing that proof with a social platform means you can reach a specific target audience, engage with your client base, and encourage more patients to visit your practice.

Hammer The Pain Point: Position Your Business As A Solution

We all like to stay positive. But the unfortunate reality is that untreated teeth can develop into a severe problem. Don’t forget that you can take advantage of this in your dental ads. Present some of the detriments of poor dental care. Once you have your prospects wondering if those problems could happen to them, your dental practice will appear as the perfect relief to their stress.

Crooked Fork Tines

When trying to convince your potential dental patient that you can help strengthen teeth, what is more convincing than an image of crooked fork tines? That kind of picture implies that the user of that fork had teeth strong enough to make any person envious.

crooked fork tines 1

Crooked Street Painting

Anything that appears in a straight line can become a real-world advertisement for your dental practice. Copy this idea by posting tongue-in-cheek advertisements near railroad crossings (they do resemble orthodontia), crosswalks (the ‘after’ of braces), and more.

Crooked Street Painting 1

Swiss Cheese Teeth

Of course, no one’s teeth are truly made of Swiss cheese or have holes large enough to allow a rodent to fit inside. Still, the visual helps illustrate the importance of taking care of small cavities and other dental issues before they become bigger.

holes in teeth

Cavity On A Street 

While you may not have a conveniently located crack in your dental practice’s parking lot, this ad is an excellent example of using your environment to promote dentistry services. Even a hole in the wall can serve as an illustration of your cavity-filling prowess, with the right design strategy around it.


Emphasize The Benefits: What’s in it for them?

Many people simply do not know the value of visiting a dentist regularly. Your advertising is an optimal way to let them know. By sharing some of the clear benefits you can provide convincingly, you can expect more people to be eager enough to book an appointment. 

Ridgewood Family Dentist Facebook Ad

Showing the impact of your services can be far more effective than talking about them. For example, showing patients the foods they can eat while wearing implants confirms the quality of your care and the materials you use. It also gives patients a real-life example of how your dentistry can enhance their lives.

Ridgewood family dentistry 1

Creative Formula Toothpaste Billboard

A billboard showing a person biting into the billboard itself is a great way to convey the idea of improved tooth strength. You don’t have to invest in a mile-high billboard to copy this idea, though; consider other ways to show tooth strength in photographic form, and use that imagery in social media or print ads.

formula billboard 1

Smiling Light

Many lights already have a grid pattern. Use this pattern to represent a shining set of teeth framed by a smiling mouth. As your patients lay back in their chairs for their cleanings, they will see the ceiling advertisement and may be tempted to buy into your whitening services. 

Smiling Light

Humor: Show Brand’s Human Side

Few people look forward to their visits to the dentist. This reluctance can be one of the main reasons that potential patients decide not to visit your office in the first place. Why not entice them by showing that your office is a friendly community? While your patients may not be counting down the days to their next cleanings, they can at least look forward to seeing some friendly faces when the time comes. 


But real-world advertisements that get creative with their surroundings can be just as effective, if not more so. This Smint ad surely got airline passengers talking, and the visibility of your campaign may be the ticket to earning more referrals.

smint 1

Viral Instagram Video

Here is an advertising approach that is far more interesting than a flyer or a postcard. Bringing your staff into a creative and even silly video compilation helps share vital information in a fun way. It also shows your team’s human side, helping them see you as a relatable group of professionals. 

Creative rap video 1

While you may not be the signing type, there are surely other workplace idiosyncrasies you may share with your audience to bring out the human side of your practice. 

Bowling Alley Dental Implant Insurance Ad

Don’t miss the opportunity to get a little bit creative with your dental advertising. Showing prospective customers something that resembles teeth but isn’t is just one strategic way to advertise your services nearly anywhere. This one works because it grabs attention and encourages a giggle, too.

dental implant insurance 1

We Do Our Business in Your Mouth Marquee

While a bit crass, a marquee stating ‘we do our business in your mouth’ will catch some eyes. Such slogans can be effective, depending on your target market, but make sure your messaging fits your practice’s personality. This approach prioritizes humor and is a bit sophomoric. But, at its root, this ad is truthful about the work that good dental practices provide to their patients. 

we do our business in your mouth 1

Colgate Icecream Bar 

Physical advertisements can be effective, such as this ice cream sandwich with a hidden toothbrush inside. Not only is it an unexpected ad, but the message is clearer than any print advertisement. Consider how you can add dental instruments or imagery to a product or flier to generate interest in your services.


Street Cleaning Toothbrush

Offering up a visual that recalls your dental practice while also imbuing humor is a smart approach to advertising. Potential clients don’t always need in-your-face marketing messages; a subtle reminder that it’s time for a deeper clean may be sufficient to get your clients to start booking.


Next Steps for High-Impact Dental Ads

Like anyone else who runs a business, a dentist needs to get the attention of their target audience. Creative advertising campaigns are often the best way to do that. These ideas offer up plenty of inspiration for engaging dental ads that will help attract your target customers. All that’s left is to pick your favorite concepts and start sketching out how you will implement them. 

While that may sound easy on paper, in actuality, there are many moving parts. Orbit Local is a full-service internet marketing company with services designed to help you with your local SEO and marketing. Contact us today to help you grow your business.

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