Google Business Profile Optimization Service For More Leads

Looking for leads but don’t have a website? No problem! Orbit Local’s GMB optimization service offers everything you need. Our team is here to help launch you into orbit.

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Boost Your Google Business Profile Presence

Google Business Profile plays a huge part in driving online traffic to your service area business. If your business is mission control, then GMB is the rocket ready for space flight.

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What is Google Business Profile?

GMB is a free business listing service provided by Google. With it, you’ll get a business profile that helps you connect to customers in local search through Google Search and Google Maps, even if you don’t have a website online. 

Once you have claimed your business listing, customers will be able to connect with you by phone, messaging, or through customer reviews. Ultimately, if you don’t claim your Google Business Profile listing, you’re sending your potential customers straight to your competition.

Why would you want to have a presence on GMB? We’ll let the numbers do the talking.

According to Google, more people are searching for your business with a mobile device – like a smartphone or tablet – than they are on a computer. More than half of website traffic is stemming from mobile devices.  And for those searching on their phones? Thirty percent of their searches were related to their location.

GMB Local Searches

How GMB Works?

A large portion of local Google search results are now dominated by map listings. If you’re a local business, the GMB platform is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. 

If you are not optimizing your GMB listing, you are leaving leads lost in space instead of sending them to your docking station: aka your business.

If you’re a small business owner, you may already have a GMB profile. And if you do, you’re one step ahead, but business owners still need a verified Google Business Profile account for that profile to be able to manage it. 

Whenever someone searches for something near them, relevant local businesses will display in the search results, and across the ads on the page. If you’ve ever seen the “map pack” or three local results on a map in a search, you’re familiar with GMB. 

The issue is, that just like you are battling competitors in the search query, you’re battling them for the spots in the Google local pack, too. And there’s where GMB optimization services come into play. Local SEO is a tough game, and you need to focus on what you know best: running your business. 

Free Google Business Profile Website Setup

We’ll start by setting up your business in Google Business Profile, including adding and verifying your company information. Once that is done we will set up an optimized Google Business Profile website with engaging content that includes links to all of the critical pages on your website (including detailed contact info). We also offer reporting so you can see how well our optimization strategies are working for you!

Our Amazing GMB Services Include:

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Google Business Profile Verification

We’ll help you complete Google’s verification process to ensure you’re the business owner, including what to do when you receive your verification postcard. While many verify through mail, you may also verify by phone, email, or Google Search Console.

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Google Business Profile Profile Optimization

Just like a business website has to go through SEO to rank well within Google, your GMB listing will need some work. Our team will take your business information, contact information, and more to help you compete.

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Geo-Tagged Images & Video

Orbit Local will help you geotag all your images and videos. We’ll make sure your video and photos’ data is optimized before you upload to Google Business Profile. This way, even your images and videos can help find your local community.

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Posting on Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile posts allow you to share updates with your community based on different categories. We help businesses make the most of their GMB postings. We’ll share relevant updates, offers, and events to help you promote your business.

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Business Review Monitoring

Google reviews impact your SEO, too. If you have positive reviews, that tells Google you’re trustworthy! Our team will monitor and respond to all business reviews you get on GMB and help you generate more positive feedback from happy customers.

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Local Business Listing Management

Our team will ensure that your local business listings are up-to-date and accurate. Duplicate listings? We take care of that, too, so it is easier for your customers to find your business.

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Local Rank Tracking Service

See where you stand in the map pack! Our team will track your rank and your competitors’. We will help you improve your local rank based on Google analytics so you can stand out against your competition.

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Identity & Fight Spam Listings

If you notice things like fake listings or reviews for your business, it’s most likely spam. Some spam can hide itself better than others, so our team can help identify the fakes and have them removed.

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Social Profiles & Branded Links

You can highlight your business’ social media profiles on your GMB page. it simplifies the verification process Need help managing your business’ social media profiles, too? Check out our social media marketing service.

Local Maps Optimization

Optimizing your Google Maps helps generate local leads so you can find your customers. Chances are, you’ve seen this map with three businesses listed under it. This is called a “3 pack,” and it’s our goal to help your business make it there with local maps optimization. 

Our Google Business Profile optimization services includes citations and listings management.

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How to Improve Local SEO Rankings

Other Google ranking factors include proximity, engagement, and what keywords you use on your website. At Orbit Local, we handle all of that for you. We do local SEO, can post on your Google Business Profile, and manage reviews for you. 

Citations are mentions of your business online. This includes indirect mentions by listing your NAP. Citations are one of the ranking factors in Google search results since it tells Google your business is trustworthy.

Having consistent business information like your name, address, and phone number (NAP) across other websites – such as Yellow Pages or Yelp – helps search rankings. 

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Local Maps Optimization

Optimizing your Google Maps helps generate local leads so you can find your customers. Chances are, you’ve seen this map with three businesses listed under it. This is called a “3 pack,” and it’s our goal to help your business make it there with local maps optimization. 

Our Google Business Profile optimization services includes citations and listings management.

Google Maps Optimization Icon

Google Maps Optimization

Your overall SEO efforts will impact your Google Maps ranking as well. It’s our goal to get your business listed in the 3-pack of Google Maps. We do this by optimizing your entire GMB profile for success.

Call Tracking Icon

Call Tracking

Call tracking is used in both SEO efforts and to filter out spam. We’ll manage all call tracking that is set up through your Google Business Profile account. We use this data to help guide decisions in your SEO strategy.

Lead Tracking Dashboard Icon

Lead Tracking Dashboard

Turn leads into conversions with lead tracking data. Our team will help you generate leads & manage them so you can turn your GMB followers into customers with robust yet easy-to-understand reports.

Get Started with our GMB Services

Local SEO Lift Off

We will generate leads in your local area using Google Business Profile. Don’t have a profile? Don’t worry – we can help get that set up for you, too, so you can focus on managing your business. We’ll even use Google Business Profile to set up your website if you don’t already have one to further help customers find you.

Local SEO Lift Off

$599 Setup Fee Then $299/Month

*Setup fee waived with a 6-month contract.


  • GMB Verification
  • GMB Profile Completion & Optimization
  • Geotagged Images & Video
  • Local Citations
  • Call Tracking
  • Leads Dashboard
  • 24/7 Support

Local SEO Boost

Attract people to your business with your Google Business Profile profile, plus share updates to convert followers into customers. Regularly posting to your Google Business Profile profile can generate more organic traffic to your website.

Local SEO Lift Off

$799 Setup Fee then $399/Month

*Setup fee waived with a 6-month contract.


  • Review Monitoring
  • Identify & Fight Spam Listings
  • 3 Weekly Optimized GMB Posts
  • Weekly Photo Updates
  • Local Rank Tracking
  • Social Profiles & Branded Links

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Business Profile is a completely free tool to use! While you can pay money for Google Ads to rank higher and show up in sponsored searches, it is optional. Setting up a Google Business Profile account is free, as are all of its related features like Google Maps.

To optimize your Google Business Profile listing, it’s important to claim your profile and completely fill it out. This includes your business name, business description, phone number, and information about what products and services you offer. 
Your name, address, and phone number (NAP) consistency is a great way to start. We also recommend keeping things like your logo, cover photo, and business category consistent across social media platforms.

Once your profile is filled in, posting weekly and responding to reviews helps you maintain optimization. It’s important to stay active and up-to-date to drive organic traffic.

Orbit Local is here to help! We manage all aspects of your Google Business Profile listing. We optimize your Google Business Profile profile and make sure your ads are targeted to the right local audience. We also will help you get Google Guaranteed to flourish your business even further.

Google Business Profile posting functions similarly to other social media profiles. You can post status updates and share photos or videos with your customers or followers. There are five categories of Google posts:

* What’s New: This category is for sharing business updates, website pages or blog posts, and customer reviews.
* Offers: This category is for promoting any current sales, discounts, or other offers.
* Welcome Offer: When people follow your business in the Google Maps app, they’ll receive exclusive offers. This is to convert followers into new customers.
* Products: Have a new product or service you want to show off? Highlight them with the Products category! You can also include pricing in these posts.
* Events: If you’re hosting an in-person or virtual event, you can promote it with the Events category on your GMB page.

Good news: Google Business Profile helps local SEO! Google Business Profile optimization gives you a better chance at ranking higher in local search results – in fact, this is a crucial ranking factor. If you make it into the local 3-pack, say hello to an increase in organic traffic that can boost your website rank.

Google Business Profile posts also help SEO! Not only are GMB posts a great way to build organic brand awareness, but they also can help with your overall local SEO strategy.

Google Business Profile posts help your organic SEO by increasing your page ranking and web traffic through organic clicks. Taking advantage of the call-to-action button options on GMB posts is important in driving traffic and engagement.

According to Google, the local search results are based on relevance, distance, and prominence. Having a fully accurate and optimized Google Business Profile listing can help boost your relevance by matching searcher intent. 

Plus, posting regularly to your GMB listing can help boost your brand awareness, which can improve your prominence. At Orbit Local, we strategize the best way for your business to leverage GMB and boost your SEO.

Why Orbit Local

We are a data-driven digital marketing agency with over 10 years of experience improving
organic local search traffic and lead generation for local businesses.
Our top-rated Jacksonville agency understands that each business is unique and will have different SEO needs. 

We’ll tailor our approach to fit your business goals so you can soar above the competition.
We are direct and transparent, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best value and best services for your business.