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Get New Clients with Google Ads for Lawyers

Why Choose Google Ads for Lawers?

  • Instant– Start getting new leads within the few days of launching your campaigns.
  • Target– Get your ads in front of clients searching for lawyers near me.
  • Measure– See call and forms sent to your law firm in our leads dashboard.

PPC Management for Lawyers

Available for one-time setup and monthly recurring management of Google Ads services for Lawyers.


Our Google Advertising Account Set Up

At our marketing agency, we handle the entire process of setting up your Google Ads account for your law firm. From creating a new account to configuring your payment settings, ad extensions, and keyword targeting, our team of PPC management experts ensures that your account is optimized for success. We conduct thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-performing legal keywords for your ads. Additionally, we set up conversion tracking to measure the success of your campaigns and make data-driven optimizations. Rest assured that with our Google Ads account set-up process, your business will be prepared to reach your target audience and generate valuable leads.


Kick-Off Meeting

We provide hands-on Google Ads account setup services, including a Kick-off Meeting to ensure we understand the goals and ideal clients of your law firm.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

For lawyers, successful Google Ads campaigns start with keyword research. Identify legal keywords your clients search for to reach them with ads.

Sync with Google

Google Account Setup

After setting up your account, we create a campaign to effectively run your ads. This involves setting the budget, selecting the target audience, and scheduling the ad placements.

Inbound Marketing Service Icons Ad Copywriting

Ad Creatives

The ad’s creative and copywriting are vital for attracting potential customers. A persuasive ad can drive clicks and conversions.

Inbound Marketing Service Icons Display Ads

Landing Page

The key to a successful landing page is an engaging copy, a user-friendly layout, and a clear call-to-action, all optimized to convert visitors into clients for your law firm.

Conversion Funnel


We implement lead capture forms, retarget website visitors, integrate Google Business Profile, and utilize Google Analytics to understand website traffic.

Competitive Analysis

Lead Tracking

We leverage advanced technology to trace incoming calls, monitor conversations for quality control, and analyze call data to optimize your marketing strategy. Make data-driven decisions with valuable insights.


Our Monthly PPC Management for Lawyers

Our Monthly Service features a Google Ads Specialist well-versed in the legal field. Benefit from a dedicated point of contact for all your advertising needs, top-tier service, weekly campaign tracking, keyword bidding oversight, call analysis, and comprehensive monthly reports on ad effectiveness. Rely on our PPC management services tailored for lawyers for a successful advertising strategy.

Inbound Marketing Service Icons Website Support

Account Manager

Our Monthly Service provides you with a dedicated, certified Google Ads specialist who offers personalized assistance and guidance tailored to your specific needs.


Campaign Monitoring

We provide a premium service, including weekly campaign monitoring, expert keyword bid management, and call analysis with feedback for a seamless experience.

Inbound Marketing Service Icons Lead Nurturing

Monthly Reporting

Receive monthly detailed reports on ad performance to optimize advertising strategy and drive your law firm’s success with our Google Ads PPC for lawyers team.

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Case Study: Kral Military Defense’s Problem?

Kral Military Defense, a small law firm specializing in military defense cases, was struggling to attract new clients and expand their business. Despite their expertise in the field, they were finding it difficult to reach their target audience and generate leads.

In an effort to boost their online presence and attract more clients, Kral Military Defense Law Firm turned to Orbit Local, a digital marketing agency specializing in Google Ads. 

Orbit Local’s Solution

We conducted a thorough analysis of Kral Military Defense Law Firm’s target audience and competitors. Based on our analysis, we developed a customized Google Ads campaign that aimed at driving more traffic to the firm’s website. We strategically targeted relevant keywords and created compelling ad copy that significantly improved the visibility of the firm’s website on Google search results. As a result, Kral Military Defense Law Firm experienced a substantial increase in website traffic and inquiries from potential clients.

With our Google Ads campaign, Kral Military Defense Law Firm was able to expand its client base and grow its business. The investment in our Google Ads campaign yielded a significant return on investment, as the new clients and revenue generated far outweighed the cost of the campaign.

Overall, our expertise in Google Ads proved to be a game-changer for Kral Military Defense Law Firm. By helping the firm reach more clients and expand its business in a competitive market, our campaign played a crucial role in the firm’s success.


  • Google Ads Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Localized Campaign Ads
  • Optimized Landing Experiences
  • A/B Testing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Conversion Rate Optimization




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Is This Service Right For You?

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It’s a great fit if…

  • You have a minimum project budget of at least 3k
  • You can make a long-term investment
  • You know getting real results takes time
  • Micromanaging isn’t your style
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It’s not a great fit if…

  • You’re undecided about your business model or budget
  • You’ve got a short-term mindset
  • You’re looking for a “Yes Man” agency
  • You can’t trust us to do our job


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