WordPress Speed Boost


Whether it be on mobile or desktop, a slow web page can cost you money in the form of customers leaving your site for your competition. And now with your core web vitals – including site speed – impacting Google search rankings, it’s more important than ever to make sure your website is loading quickly. 

Give your site the speed boost it needs. Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services include everything you need to make sure your site is fully optimized for both Google and your potential customers.


Feature 1x Set Up – $499
Image Optimization ✔️
Lazy Loading ✔️
Gzip Compression ✔️
Preload Google Fonts ✔️
Database Cleanup and Optimization ✔️
HTTPS and mixed content optimization ✔️
Conduct plugin audit to identify slow plugins ✔️
Minify and/or Combine CSS ✔️
Minify and/or Combine JS ✔️
HTML minification ✔️
Enable compression ✔️
Server caching ✔️
Enable server caching ✔️
Set up and leverage browser caching premium plugins ✔️
Theme & Plugins Analysis ✔️
Database Tuning ✔️
Setting up CDN ✔️
.htaccess – cleanup and optimize redirects ✔️
Webhosting – tweaking php, mysql, configs, etc. ✔️
Webhost migration – move you to new webhost (if needed) ✔️
Database Optimization & Cleanup, SQL Server & PHP Tuneup ✔️
Google PSI Review & Core Web Vitals Optimization ✔️
WordPress Bloat ✔️
Advanced Server Stress tests ✔️
Render-Blocking Resources ✔️
Combine Requests ✔️

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