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Jacksonville SEO Agency

Your business is unique, which means that your internet marketing services should be too. Not all SEO plans are created equal, so at Orbit Local, we tailor our approach specifically to you and your goals.

Our in-house team of marketing experts collectively has decades of experience in all aspects of digital marketing. Our custom strategies make marketing simple. We focus efforts on the critical areas of your site that will produce the best results, the quickest.

Our hyperspeed approach ensures that you’re not wasting your hard-earned capital on ineffective programs, while flawlessly executing your mission to soar above the competition.

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SEO Optimized

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing. Our web design company stays up to date with the latest best practices and builds stunning WordPress websites. They’re designed to perform well in the search engines, but also provide a quality user experience.

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Local SEO

Our digital marketing experts will integrate local schema and create content within your geographical area or targeted geo regions. We’ll use Google Analytics to ensure that our local SEO campaign is shooting your conversions past the stars (and your competition.)

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Franchise SEO

Our national SEO marketing strategies provide the best solutions to help multi-location franchises improve their search engine rankings. We’ll implement business schema so that Google learns about each of your locations independently, yet knows they’re part of the same company.

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Ecommerce SEO

When you have a product to sell online, people need to know it exists before you can make money. Our expert team will optimize your existing website to bring more traffic, or build a new one. We develop, you sell.

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White Label SEO

Have a marketing agency and want to expand your service offering? Our white label SEO service makes it easy to earn more revenue, without doing any extra work. We handle everything in-house, so you know your clients are protected.

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WordPress SEO

WordPress is the most popular website builder on the web today, and it’s SEO-friendly out of the box. But it still needs work. Our experts add finishing touches to your top priority pages to bring in more traffic and sales.

SEO Services in Jacksonville

Why You Need Local SEO Services

Nearly 70% of online experiences start with a search engine. That means, if you want to get measurable results from your website, you need to be easy to find on Google and the other search engines your customers use to find goods and services.

But, it’s not as simple as building a website and waiting for your customers to find you. It takes a strong digital strategy. Why? Because so many other businesses are competing for those coveted spots on the first page. 

Where’s the best place to hide an alien? The second page of Google’s search results. Only 0.78% (yes, you read that right… less than one percent!) of searchers ever look at a result on the second page. 

That’s why you need a team of skilled Jacksonville SEO experts to support your online marketing strategy.

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Is This You?

No matter how much you know (or don’t know) about search engine optimization, online marketing, and growing your business in the digital world, the team at Orbit Local can help you.

Our clients come from all backgrounds. Some are small business owners who need our support to reach their goals. Others are marketers and agencies that need expertise in certain areas of digital marketing to support their clients.

Our SEO services are designed to help grow companies, regardless of where they are in their digital marketing journey. If you’ve not even built your website yet, we can help you get started. If you’ve been running your company for decades, we can help you get to the top.

No matter how much you know (or don’t know) about search engine optimization, online marketing, and growing your business in the digital world, the team at Orbit Local can help you.No matter how much you know (or don’t know) about search engine optimization, online marketing, and growing your business in the digital world, the team at Orbit Local can help you.

We know it’s sometimes difficult for small businesses to make big investments. That’s why we focus efforts on the areas of your website that will make the biggest impact. When you generate more profit, you can increase your budget.

No matter how much you know (or don’t know) about search engine optimization, online marketing, and growing your business in the digital world, the team at Orbit Local can help you.No matter how much you know (or don’t know) about search engine optimization, online marketing, and growing your business in the digital world, the team at Orbit Local can help you.

We know it’s sometimes difficult for small businesses to make big investments. That’s why we focus efforts on the areas of your website that will make the biggest impact. When you generate more profit, you can increase your budget.

Strategy and Technical SEO:

The Foundation of Solid SEO

You can build the best-looking website out there, but without the necessary search engine optimization, you won’t get a good return. You’re an expert in your industry – not in digital marketing and SEO. And that’s okay. Let us handle the details while you do what you know best – running your business.

We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. Our Jacksonville SEO team lets you customize your SEO package to meet your needs.

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Why Technical SEO is So Important

Technical SEO is to your website as a foundation is to your home. In theory, you can build your home without it, but it wouldn’t be a good investment.

Technical SEO involves examining your website’s code, design, and copy to make sure it’s easy for the search engines to find, crawl, and index all of its pages. Effective technical SEO optimizes the user experience across the websites they visit.

Optimizing the technical aspects of your website helps to boost rankings and search engine visibility. Ultimately, you get more organic traffic and can blast ahead of any competitors who ignore it.

No matter how much marketing and SEO work you do, you’ll never gain traction if you have a no-index tag on your website. That is why spending time on technical SEO is crucial.

Technical SEO Services Includes:

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Optimizing status codes
iconnn3 03
Implementing schema markup
iconnn3 03
Maximizing crawl budget
iconnn3 03
Auditing content
iconnn3 03
Optimizing images
iconnn3 03
Optimizing page speed
iconnn3 03
Maximizing crawl budget
iconnn3 03
Building a functional and complete sitemap
iconnn3 03
Troubleshooting indexation issues in Google Search Console
iconnn3 03
Blocking crawls from the pages you don’t need to be indexed in the search engines, like pages behind a paywall or a login page

What You Get

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Website Quality Audit

After you purchase your Jacksonville SEO services from us, your project begins with a website quality audit (WQA). We evaluate every page of your website and form a game plan to get you more traffic.

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Technical SEO

The technical side of SEO influences rankings more than many realize. Our audit reveals areas of improvement for fast results. We look at all the pages Google should be indexing, metadata, schema, and issues affecting site health.

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Competitive Analysis

We get a list of competitors from you, so we can see what their online presence looks like. Using this information, we develop a game plan to help us outrank them.

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E-E-A-T Analysis

Google uses E-A-T to judge your website’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Several factors are involved with this process. We use the Google Quality Raters’ Guidelines to closely examine E-E-A-T signals.

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Keyword Analysis

When we conduct our WQA, we’ll find pages that need improvement. We won’t waste resources on site-wide keyword research. Why do keyword research for your Contact page when we can direct resources to the valuable pages that make you money?

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Client Consulting

We understand you’ll have questions throughout the process. We’re available to answer your SEO questions via email. If you need more support, we’ll schedule a Zoom meeting. We’ll use this time to address any issues you wish to discuss

On-Page SEO for Results
at Hyperspeed

It’s no secret that optimized copy ranks better. Data analysis is at the center of our SEO strategies. We use data to make sure your copy aligns with the top-ranking pages. Our local SEO services always start with on-page efforts. We’ll re-write title tags and meta descriptions add relevant keywords and phrases to each page, and more. Unlike other SEO companies, we’re not just throwing stuff out there to see what sticks. We take action we know will move the needle.

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Is This You?

To rank specific pages, there are two distinct areas to focus efforts: on-page and off-page. On-page optimization refers to improving aspects of a website that are within your control. These include copy, technical SEO, and metadata. Off-page optimization addresses things you cannot control directly, but have some influence over, including how authoritative and popular your website is.

Basically, on-page optimization efforts are a large part of what you rank for and off-page optimization is a significant part of how well you rank for those terms.

You need both because they work together to make your website as successful as it can be. It’s like choosing between a roof or a foundation for your brand-new house. In theory, you’d still have a place to live, but it wouldn’t be effective at protecting you from the elements. Investing in one area of optimization over the other could still make a difference; it just wouldn’t be the most effective use of resources.

For your website to dominate the competition in the search engines, there must be a balance of both kinds of optimization. Your end goal is to make the search engines happy, right? That means building a website that people can use – with content that users and search engines can understand.

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Metadata Blast

Our WQA reveals pages that need updates. We update the title tags and meta descriptions on those pages to get a quick boost to your ranking. Just by making those minor adjustments, you’ll start to see more organic traffic.

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Content Optimization

Whether you have a writer you work with or want our copywriting team to draft it for you, you’ll have SEO-optimized copy. We audit existing content to find areas of improvement so everything is optimized for relevant search terms.

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Alt Text Optimization

Alt text helps screen readers describe the imagery on the screen. In addition to its role in web accessibility, it helps Google better understand what the images are. This helps you rank in Google Images search results, as well.

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Target Page Boost

Our SEO company focuses more attention on your highest priority keywords. Our target page boost directs resources to the pages that are not ranking, falling, or remaining flat. We make adjustments to the on-page SEO to get better results.

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Internal Linking

Interlinking your website pages makes it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. As a bonus, it helps Google understand connections across the content. We’ll audit your links to remove anything that’s broken or redirects.

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Correlational SEO

Years ago, SEO wasn’t much more than making sure keywords were in certain places. Now, multiple factors correlate to influence ranking. We use industry-leading tools to analyze the data and develop a plan for every piece of content.

Content Marketing
to Build Brand Awareness

Our Jacksonville Florida digital marketing agency also provides content strategy and marketing. You can’t have a strong SEO strategy without a plan for content creation and promotion.

Content marketing is about creating copy that’s helpful to your audience. It’s not a sales pitch for products or services you offer. It establishes your brand as an authority in your niche and builds trust with your audience.

If we build SEO campaigns for your website, we’ll also include recommendations for marketing your content. We can create the copy for you, or send briefs to a writer you’re already working with.

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Why You Need Content Marketing

Did you know that SEO generates more revenue for business owners than PPC campaigns? Today’s businesses need a content marketing budget to compete.

There are more customer touchpoints along the buyer’s journey than ever before. That’s why it’s important for brands to keep their messaging consistent across all platforms. Content marketing promotes consistent brand messaging to build credibility and trust with an audience.

Original content helps with conversion optimization. We build a strategy that aligns with your company’s overall goals.

Initially, investing in content marketing seems expensive. After all, you could spend up to $3,000 to hire a freelance writer depending on the niche, level of experience, and type. It’s when you compare it to other forms of marketing like video marketing and paid advertising that you see it’s a strong investment with the highest ROI

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Keyword Research

Our internet marketing agency uses top keyword research tools to find, test, and validate the primary keywords for each page. Our approach includes secondary keywords designed to support the primary keywords.

lb3 03

Premium Asset Creation

A strong SEO strategy goes beyond blog posts and articles to include premium assets. We’ll work with you to create expert interviews, industry reports, and other types of in-depth website content.

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Google Business
Profile Optimization

Google Business Profile (GMB) and Google Maps are critical factors to generate leads for local businesses. We’ll optimize your listings to make it easier for Google to rank them within relevant searches.

lb4 03

Content Silo Buildout

When you invest in an SEO package, we’ll take a detailed look at the existing copy on your website. We’ll build silos, which are groups of related pages, to support your keyword-based topics and themes.

lb2 03

SEO Copywriting

Our team of SEO professionals includes skilled writers who can create website copy for you. The final product is sure to impress your customers and rank on search engine results pages.

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Local Rank Tracking

At Orbit Local, we’ll always be able to tell where your website is ranking for any specific keyword. Our keyword tracking tools ensure we know what’s working. When we see something that’s not, we take action.

lb6 03

Content Management

Our marketing team will manage the entire production process for you. Whether you need our staff to write or have a writer, we’ll make sure you have website copy that makes your audience and the search engines happy.

lb1 03

Link Building

To improve your website ranking in search engine results, you need your website mentioned on quality niche websites and publications. Where other agencies use a quantity approach, we focus on links that will move the needle in your favor.

7 03

Local Listings Management

We regularly check your local business listings for accuracy, ensuring the business name, phone number, and address are the same across the board. We’ll remove duplicate listings and add new ones where appropriate, to get results..

ls2 03
ls1 03 removebg preview

Local SEO to Boost Lead Generation

Unlike other SEO services, Orbit Local specializes in local SEO. We know how vital a steady stream of leads is for your business. General search engine optimization focuses on improving your overall rankings in Google. Local search engine optimization, on the other hand, focuses on increasing your website’s visibility in the most relevant local search results.

As a Jacksonville SEO company, many businesses we work with are local to the Jacksonville area. But, your business doesn’t have to be in the Jacksonville FL area. As long as you serve a certain geographic area, we can help, no matter where you are.

Jones CPA & Associates
Don’t take our word for it. Just ask our Previous Clients.

Orbit Local is FANTASTIC! We moved our account from another company, and we have been seeing new clients RIGHT AWAY as a result of their work. Biff and his staff are so responsive and always willing to help.

Randolph Jones, Jones CPA & Associates, St. Augustine, FL
David Tree Service LLC
Don’t take our word for it. Just ask our Previous Clients.

Their work speaks for itself. I’m just so happy that I met Kesar’s team. Compared to other company I would recommend Orbit Local to anyone because Orbit Local KNOWS what they’re doing…

David Viera Castro, David Tree Service LLC
New Mind and Body
Don’t take our word for it. Just ask our Previous Clients.

Their efforts resulted in increased conversions and organic search traffic. Their technical proficiency was extremely high. While the SEO process took time, they successfully increased marketing exposure

Kathy Stone, Owner, New Mind and Body
St. Johns Pediatrics Dentistry
Don’t take our word for it. Just ask our Previous Clients.

Orbit Local created new campaigns, new content, and SEO strategies that made our visibility on Google much higher. It created a lot more leads that translated to our phones ringing a lot more.

Dr. Susie Perry, St. Johns Pediatric Dentistry
Randolph Jones
David Viera Castro
Kathy Stone
St. Johns Pediatrics Dentistry
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Industries We Serve

Whether you’re a small business or a franchise, Orbit Local is here to help with any of your web development needs. We are equipped with years of experience in a variety of industries including:

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Web design page 03
Dentist SEO
Web design page 03
Chiropractic SEO
Web design page 03
Veterinary SEO
Pest Control SEO
Roofers SEO
Solar Power SEO
Web design page 03
Painters SEO
Web design page 07
Windows & Doors
Web design page 03
Remodeling SEO

Custom SEO Pricing

We know that every type of business is different. We can combine any of the deliverables we mention to meet your needs.

We work with several companies in varying capacities. Our custom SEO packages can include whatever you need to support your goals.

If you’re rocking it on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, we won’t stand in your way or demand to take over your social media marketing campaigns. If you’re comfortable crafting your own copy, we’ll hand over the keywords and strategy while we support you on the technical side.

As your marketing partner, we’re glad to work with you in the way that is best for you.

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Why Choose Us

We’re not your average search engine optimization company. We’ve built our business out of helping other businesses grow. We’ll a full-service digital marketing agency, offering everything from web design and development to graphic design, social media marketing, and email marketing.

When you hire our internet marketing agency, you’re hiring a partner for your company. You’ll be free to focus on the details you know best. We’ll work to grow your brand’s authority and credibility, so you can bring in more clients and customers.

Our marketing company works with a diverse range of clients including plumbers, lawyers, dentists, and more.

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Subject Matter Experts

Our in-house team features people from all over the world, who specialize in various pieces of the SEO puzzle. We all know and use best practices, and don’t rely on trial and error to get the job done.

p3 03


Orbit Local doesn’t guess what needs to be done to grow your website traffic. We use data compiled from a variety of sources to support our actions. And we make that data available to you.

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Full Transparency

Other service providers might hide their efforts, so you can’t see what they’ve been doing to help increase your website traffic. We provide complete transparency into the processes we use and the actions we take so you always have answers.

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In-House Trained Team

All the work we do is in-house. We don’t put your business in someone else’s hands and take credit for the work. We’re a hands-on team that treats your business with the same respect we apply to ours.

p4 03

Everybody Eats

We believe in giving back to the community. At Orbit Local, we provide our services to many local charitable organizations to support their growth. Our partnerships include Champions of Hope, 3 Grains of Rice, and the JT Townsend Foundation.

pth1 03

Process Driven

Everything we do comes with a plan. There’s no wait-and-see game here. Your business will reap the benefits.

WordPress SEO Services

Get Started with our Local SEO Services

WordPress SEO

Our WordPress SEO Lift Off plan takes your search engine optimization strategy to the next level. With website audits, keyword tracking, and more, you can be certain that your website is optimized for search engines.



Technical Website Audits
SEO Plugin Configuration
Keyword Tracking
Internal Link Optimization
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