Case Study Boosting Local Leads for Health Atlast Long Beach Franchisee, Dr. Paul Newton


Dr. Paul Newton, a franchisee of Health Atlast in Long Beach, faced a significant challenge in his digital marketing efforts. Despite the marketing initiatives conducted by the franchise’s corporate team, Dr. Newton found that these efforts were not translating into tangible leads for his local clinic. The corporate-provided location page lacked the necessary SEO elements and control required for effective lead generation, leaving Dr. Newton in need of a targeted solution to attract and convert local clientele.


The primary challenge was the ineffectiveness of the corporate-provided marketing strategies and the location page on the corporate website in generating local leads for Dr. Newton’s practice. The one-size-fits-all approach of the franchise marketing failed to address the unique local competition and market dynamics of Long Beach, necessitating a more localized and controlled digital marketing strategy.

Solution Provided by Orbit Local

Recognizing the need for a dedicated, geo-targeted online presence, Orbit Local stepped in to craft a bespoke solution for Dr. Newton. The strategy involved two key components:

1. Dedicated Standalone Website:

Orbit Local developed a standalone WordPress website for Dr. Newton’s Long Beach clinic. This website was designed with a strong emphasis on local SEO, schema markup implementation, incorporating geo-specific keywords, localized content, and optimization strategies to enhance visibility in local search results. The non-branding domain was selected to focus purely on local relevance and searchability, ensuring that the site would directly address the Long Beach community.

Franchise Site vs Dedicate Standalone Website

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Before and After

2. Geo-Specific Landing Pages for Google Ads:

To complement the organic search strategy, Orbit Local implemented a targeted Google Ads campaign. This campaign utilized geo-specific landing pages created on the new website, tailored to resonate with the Long Beach audience. These landing pages were optimized for conversion, featuring clear calls-to-action, localized content, and tailored messaging to engage potential patients effectively.

Health Atlast Long Beach


The implementation of the dedicated website and targeted Google Ads campaign yielded remarkable results for Dr. Newton’s practice:

  • Increased Lead Generation: Within months of launching the new website and campaigns, Dr. Newton’s clinic began generating qualified leads instantly.
  • Enhanced Online Visibility: The website SEO efforts led to improved rankings in local search results, making Dr. Newton’s clinic more visible to potential patients in Long Beach.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: The geo-specific landing pages, designed with user experience and conversion in mind, resulted in higher engagement and conversion rates from the Google Ads campaign.

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Orbit Local’s strategic approach to website SEO and targeted advertising provided Dr. Paul Newton with the dedicated online presence he needed to significantly enhance lead generation for his Health Atlast Long Beach clinic. This case study underscores the importance of localized and controlled digital marketing strategies in achieving tangible results for franchisees in the healthcare sector.


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